In the year of 2011,Chris and me resigned from JUNAO which is the biggest AUDI dealer in south china.

We opened Go carplay workshop which is focused on auto exterior and interior modifications in the next 3 months,Chris became our technology engineer,we served for audi offical dealers and personal audi owners.At the year 2016,we develeped the first generation of carplay solution primary supply AUDI owners, after that we expand our Target customers to BMW,MERCEDES,PORSCHE,VOLKSWAGAN.

Carplay is a new industrial standard launched by Apple, mainly designed for its IOS equipment to be symbiincible with many manufacturers. Its concept is first public in the opening ceremony of the Apple Global Software Developer Annual Meeting on June 10, 2013.

in the past 5 years,we have much increased the Category .By now,we are still enjoy our job,we always keep seeking intresting,nice and special parts and electronics for your cars.

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