Audi B9 Dashboard Contours And Surfaces Colour LED Ambient Lighting



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This contour ambient led light pack would only be setted on the dashboard contour surface
it is not include Foot light,Internal door slot light,Door panel LED light,Central channel light
if u in need of different packing,please do email to us.

this Colour led ambient light  is only compitable with audi B9(audi a4/a5  2017-2021)

it is undamaged  replacement installation

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OEM audi parts replacement installation,fast and simple

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Using our expert team and state-of-the-art software we delivered tool ready
parts that satisfied the technical requirements as per the final specifications.
Expert analysis and optical development processes for each system were key to
the success of the lighting package delivered to Audi. The Lighting Consultants
provided constant support throughout the development to achieve design completion

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